A Taste Of India With This Vijayawada Chicken Biryani Recipe


If you are a lover of the famous biryani, then it’s necessary to try out the Vijayawada chicken biryani recipe that we will share with you in this article...

– Boneless Chicken – Basmati rice – Ginger-garlic paste – Chili powder – Fried onions – Saffron water – Ghee – Cilantro chopped handful and more ...............


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Step by Step

Marinating the chicken

Step 1

Mix well and spread the marinade evenly on the chicken pieces. Refrigerate the chicken...

After 7 hours, remove the chicken from the fridge and drop them into the cornflour and all-purpose flour...


Step 2


Step 3

Put the turmeric, garam masala and salt into the pan. Keep stirring until the raw smell of the masala fades away...


On top of the rice, add the chicken, and then the gravy. After that, spread the cilantro, fried onions and cover with another layer of cooked rice.


Step 4


Step 5

Then add the cilantro and fried onions that are leftover from earlier. Cover the cookware with aluminium foil and close with the lid. Serve, enjoy!

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Take Home

The chicken is a must-have for any Indian restaurant, and the recipe makes it look very attractive on your plate.

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