Bring The Jazz To Your Table With A Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe


Easy to make, super filling, and undeniably appetizing, our favorite Cajun Chicken Pasta recipe isn’t playing games when it comes to making you drool and crave for more.

Cajun Seasoning Brands

Certified Cajun, Slap Ya Mama’s Cajun Seasoning is a Lousiana product made gluten-free, kosher, and contains zero MSG.

What You Will Need To Make This Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe

 -Spicy Cajun seasoning, ooey-gooey cheese goodness, and carb-so-hard penne pasta. 

–  Chicken Breast  –  Garlic –  Red Onion  –  Green Bell Pepper –  Red Bell Pepper –  Orange Bell Pepper –  Grape Tomatoes –  Heavy Cream and more .......


Pink Blob

Step by Step

Cook The Pasta

Step 1

 Cook al dente the pasta, then drain and set aside.

Make sure to flip the chicken until it is no longer pink and has been cooked through to the center.

Cook The Chicken

Step 2

Prepare The Vegetables

Step 3

 Both ends of the onion needed to be cut off before also cutting into a fajita-style (or to preference). The grape tomatoes simply need to be cut in halves.


Cook for about a minute or two before adding the grape tomatoes to cook. Sprinkle in some cajun seasoning, salt, and pepper.

Remove The Chicken To Cook The Vegetables

Step 4

Thicken The Heavy Cream

Step 5

Stir the heavy cream for another 1-2 minutes to allow for thickening. Add salt, pepper, and the rest of the Cajun seasoning into the mixture.

Cut The Chicken

Step 6

Before adding back into the skillet with the heavy cream mixture, use the cutting board and Chef’s knife to cut the cooked chicken breasts.

Add Ingredients To The Skillet

Step 7

Gently mix to combine the ingredients together.

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Step 8

For an extra meaty kick, add some cooked sausage to this Cajun Pasta recipe!

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