Easy To Make Remake Of Bojangles Roasted Chicken Bites Recipe


For the tastiest roasted and fried chicken, Bojangles is the place to be. Chicken is perfect for any time of the day. And Bojangles has chicken for every occasion. 

What Is Bojangles?

They’re well known for their breakfast biscuits and their fried chicken. And also their “Fixin’s”, such as dirty rice, Bo-tato rounds, and mac and cheese.

What are Bojangles chicken bites?

Chicken bites are one of the best dishes from Bojangles. Bite-sized and packed full of flavor. It’s a tasty alternative to fried chicken.

– boneless chicken breast – lemon juice – cajun seasoning – garlic cloves – Tabasco sauce – Worcestershire sauce – vinegar – eggs and more ...........


Pink Blob

Step by Step


Step 1

Add your breakfast sausage to a pan and cook for around 10 minutes. Remove from pan and add the onions, pepper, garlic, paprika, etc....

Once your vegetables are cooked, add your cooked rice and breakfast sausage. Cook on a low heat for around 5 minutes.

Add the Rice

Step 2


Step 3

Season with salt and pepper. And your dirty rice is ready to serve!

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