Although you may be familiar with gluten free souffle pancakes, my twist on this traditional Japanese meal will revitalize your morning routine. They look adorable in addition to being delicious and fluffy! They’re the perfect base for so many toppings, both in terms of color and flavor.

Make the flour blend Separate the eggs

Pour in the milk and vanilla Sift the gluten-free flour (coconut flour) blend and baking powder into the egg yolk mixture.  Whisk Beat egg whites Afterward, gently fold and whisk the egg whites and egg yolks together.

Preheat pan  (or 300℉ on an electric griddle with a lid).  Grease pan Your pan is supposed to be warm but not hot.

Make pancakesScoop out the pancake batterAdd water to the panAdd more pancake batter and water to the pan . – Flip the pancakesAdd more water to the pan and cover itRemove pancakes and serveRepeat with the remaining batter

Some popular toppings to eat gluten-free pancakes with: Maple syrup Ice cream Strawberry Butter Whipped cream