Homemade Birds Eye Voila Garlic Chicken You Will Love


We’re going to be looking at several ways you can use the garlic chicken from Birds Eye, as well as how to make a copycat recipe. It’s not quite as easy to find as it used to be.

What Is Birds Eye Garlic Chicken?

 The best part about this garlic chicken is that it contains no artificial flavors. The flavor isn’t too overpowering but is tasty enough.

–  chicken breasts  –  canola oil – salt (to taste) – pepper (to taste) – garlic powder (to taste) – water – broccoli  – sliced carrots and more .........


Pink Blob

Step by Step

Cook pasta and chicken

Step 1

Cook your pasta following the instruction on the packet. Add your cubed chicken to the pan once hot, along with the garlic powder...

Steam your broccoli in the same pan, with some water in. Toss occasionally until crisp, but soft. 

Cook veggies

Step 2


Step 3

Now add your corn, carrots, and chicken to the same pan as the broccoli. In a separate bowl, mix your heavy cream and ranch, and pour into the pan.

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