How Do You Know When Chicken Livers are Done?


Today, we’re going to be looking at a Lebanese chicken liver recipe. If you know how to cook and flavor it well, it can actually be incredibly tasty. 

What Are Lebanese Chicken Livers?

Lebanese chicken livers,  are simply called this because of how they’re prepared. However, it is just the liver of a healthy chicken.

Nutritional Information

Chicken livers are super nutritious and one of the best foods you can eat. In fact, pregnant women are often told to consume foods like this.

Health Benefits

Doesn’t contain many calories Rich in iron High in protein Full of B vitamins Dental health High levels of vitamin C and vitamin A

– chicken livers – garlic – olive/vegetable oil – pomegranate molasses – lemon – salt – pepper – sumac – pomegranate seeds


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Step by Step


Step 1

Gather all of the ingredients you need. Before you start, be sure you’ve cleaned the chicken livers. Now cut the chicken livers into bite-sized pieces.

Add   your oil to a pan add the garlic and cook, remove it. Place the cut chicken   livers into the pan and fry in the oil for around 5 minutes...

Fry the livers

Step 2


Step 3

Add the pomegranate molasses  and cook for a few minutes. Add the garlic back along with salt, black pepper, and sumac to taste. Cook for a minute....


Plate up your livers, with lemon and pomegranate seeds over the top. This dish is best served with bread at breakfast time. Enjoy!


Step 4

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