Is An Birds Eye Voila Chicken A Healthy Option Meal?


Today, we’re going to be looking at a Birds Eye garlic chicken recipe. In fact, we’re going to be looking at several ways you can use the garlic chicken from Birds Eye.  

What Is Birds Eye Garlic Chicken?

Birds Eye garlic chicken is a frozen meal that is ideal for all members of the family. It’s a mixture of chicken, pasta, and an array of veggies.

You can add absolutely anything to garlic chicken! Seafood, more veggies, seasonings.

What Can I Add to a Birds Eye Garlic Chicken?

Are Birds Eye Voila Healthy?

As frozen ready meals come, the Voila! range from Birds Eye is relatively healthy. However, homemade food is always best.

There is just 210 calories in a serving of Birds Eye garlic chicken.

How Many Calories are in Birds Eye Garlic Chicken Pasta?

Is Birds Eye Garlic Chicken for You?

It's packed full of protein and veggies, so it's definitely not bad for you!


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