Make Your Own  Taco Bell Chipotle Chicken Griller At Home


One of those famous menu items is the Chipotle Chicken Griller. And we have computed the exact science to obtain the absolute best Taco Bell Chipotle Chicken Griller Recipe.

What Is The Chipotle Chicken Griller?

Previously available at Taco Bell stores. Unfortunately, the Taco Bell Chipotle Chicken Grill is no longer available at any of their locations.

Taco Bell Fun Facts

Glen Bell is a California entrepreneur that had a passion for expanding his business endeavors...

What You Will Need To Make This

High in protein and packing with flavor, you won’t have to cry now that the Chipotle Chicken Griller is no longer available at any of their locations.

– Chipotle, In Adobo Sauce  – Red Onion – Garlic Cloves  – Oil – Bell Peppers – Chicken Broth and more ........................


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Step by Step

Cut The Chicken

Step 1

Cut the chicken lengthwise into even strips.


Season chicken with salt, pepper, and minced chipotle.

Prepare The Chicken

Step 2

Prepare The Frying Pan

Step 3

While you wait, set the frying pan on the burner. Allow the chicken to marinate for a few minutes.

When the oil is sizzling, it’s time to cook the chicken. Add the chicken to the frying pan.

Cook the chicken

Step 4

Prepare The Vegetables

Step 5

Cut off the stems of the bell peppers. Deseed the bell peppers, then quarter and chop lengthwise into even strips. Then, chop the garlic cloves.


In the frying pan add in the sliced bell peppers. Cook for 2-5 minutes, allowing to brown and crisp.

Cook The Vegetables

Step 6

Add The Chicken

Step 7

Cook for 5-8 minutes, or until the chicken broth has reduced a little and has been soaked in by the chicken and vegetables.


Add the chopped oregano to the frying pan. Stir and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes.

Add The Oregano

Step 8

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Serve And Enjoy!

Step 9

We recommend serving this Taco Bell Chipotle Chicken Griller Recipe on warmed flour tortillas.

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