Mouthwatering Tuscan Grilled Chicken Recipe To Share With The Family


Tuscan grilled chicken recipe is a common one among many families, as the taste and aroma is absolutely heavenly. This recipe is suitable for those afternoons when you’re just in the mood to grill.

– chicken – Tuscan olive oil – garlic cloves – olives – dried or fresh basil leaves – ground black pepper – red chili pepper 


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Step by Step

Make the marinade

Step 1

Place all ingredients (besides the chicken pieces) into a food processor. Pulse until a marinade form. Place liquid into a jar with a lid.

Marinate your chicken

Step 2

Put your chicken pieces into a Ziplock bag and add the marinade; seal the bag and refrigerate it overnight (or at least an hour).

Grill your marinated chicken. Once grilled you will get that hot, sizzling and juicy chicken that melts in your mouth.

Grill The Chicken

Step 3

Serve And Enjoy!!

Step 4

Tuscan grilled style chicken is great alone, but you can have it with salad, garlic bread, Tuscan olives, rice, and even pasta.

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