One-Of-A-Kind Cha Chi Kai Chicken Recipe


Cha Chi Kai Chicken recipe is easy to make at home with outstanding results. To absolve your curiosity, keep reading to see the ultimate recipe for crispy and chewy Cha Chi Kai chicken! 

What Is Cha Chi Kai?

Cha Chi Kai is a Guyanese-Chinese dish, not often made in home kitchens due to its select availability in restaurants.....

– Chicken Breast – Garlic – Soy Sauce – Black Pepper – Corn Starch – Egg – Ginger (Minced) – Salt and more ........................


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Step by Step

Season The Chicken

Step 1

In the medium-sized mixing bowl with the chicken, we’re going to season the chicken..........

After the chicken is done marinating for 15-20 minutes, it’s time to bread the chicken. In the mixing bowl with the chicken, add one egg..........

Bread The Chicken

Step 2

Make the sauce

Step 3

In a small mixing bowl, prepare the sauce for the recipe. Add the sugar, water, soy sauce, and vinegar.......


The oil in the frying pan should be properly heated and sizzling. Add in the chicken to cook. Turn the chicken over to cook both sides...........

Cook the chicken

Step 4

Make The Stir Fry

Step 5

Heat the frying pan to medium-high heat. Add in the chili oil, allowing it to sizzle...........

Serve And Enjoy!

Step 6

Serve hot or warm and enjoy!

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