Sizzling Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloin With Pan Sauce Recipe


Today, we’re going to be looking at how to make a pan-seared pork tenderloin with pan sauce. But how do you go about making this dish? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Pork Tenderloin?

It’s a cut of pork that is usually around two inches wide. It’s a sought-after part of the pig, as it’s often the leanest and most tender part.

What is pan sauce?

As you can probably guess from the name, pan sauce is a sauce that comes from the pan that you’ve used to cook your dish.

– avocado or vegetable oil – pork tenderloin – salt – black pepper – dried thyme – sweet paprika – garlic powde and more........ ·


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Step by Step


Step 1

Add one tablespoon of oil to a skillet over a medium heat. Cut the pork tenderloin. In a bowl, add the salt, black pepper, thyme...

Place half of the tenderloin slices into the heated pan and cook. Turn the medallions over and add half a tablespoon of butter to the pan…


Step 2

Make the Sauce

Step 3

Into the empty pan, add the chicken broth gradually and whisk continually for around one minute.


Add a small amount of butter to help the sauce thicken. Add the medallions back to the pan and use a spoon to pour the sauce...

Make the Sauce

Step 4


Step 5

Remove from heat and serve. Enjoy!

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