The Most Delicious Chick Pimento Cheese Recipe


A simple dish to make at home, our Chick Pimento Cheese Recipe is effortless to make and is a complete power move. To get a taste of this scrumptious Chick Pimento Cheese Recipe, keep reading!

What Is Pimento Cheese?

Pimento cheese is a combination of pimento peppers, cheddar cheese, and mayonnaise. The taste is an irrevocable mixture of creamy, gentle sweetness and a sharp crack of flavor.

– Diced Pimentos (Drained) – Onions (Minced) – Worcestershire Sauce – Apple Cider Vinegar – Garlic Powder – Salt – Black Pepper – Mayonnaise and more ........................


Pink Blob

Step by Step

Grate The Cheese

Step 1

Grab the cheese grate and block of sharp cheddar cheese. Grate the cheese and place it in a medium-sized bowl.........................

In the second medium-sized bowl, measure and add the Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, and apple cider vinegar........

Make The Dressing

Step 2

Add In The Diced Pimentos and Minced Onions

Step 3

Drained the diced pimentos before adding to the bowl. Once drained, add the diced pimentos and minced onions to the bowl............


Grab the grated cheese from the refrigerator. Add the grated sharp cheddar cheese to the second medium-sized below with all of the other ingredients....

Add The Cheese

Step 4


Step 5

Your Chick Pimento Cheese Recipe is now ready to serve. Enjoy!

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