The Most Delicious Chicken Yok Recipe In Only 30 Minutes


The soup-based dish is popular in areas like Virginia and New Orleans, its ethnic and flavorful profile is a featured selection on many menus. 

Side Options To Serve 

Cornbread: Can go with just about everything.. Southern Cabbage: To make Southern cabbage simply boil  in 2 cups of chicken broth along with salt, pepper...

Other Options For Yok Recipes

Meat: These include pork and beef... Additives: Soy sauce is a common additive in yok recipes, used as a topping or garnish for added flavor...

– Olive Oil – Salt – Black Pepper – Creole Seasoning  – Garlic – Lo Mein Noodles – Chicken Broth – Water – Chicken Thighs and more ........................


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Step by Step

Prepare The Vegetables

Step 1

Using the cutting board, julienne the vegetables, including the onion and bell peppers. Set aside.

Prepare The Chicken

Step 2

Next, prepare the chicken. Trim the fat off of the chicken before cutting it into long even strips.

Once the olive oil starts to sizzle, add in the chicken thighs. Season the chicken with salt and Creole seasoning....

Heat The Wok

Step 3


It’s time to boil the eggs. Place the uncooked eggs in the small pot, adding cold water, boil them for 9 minutes...

Boil The Eggs

Step 4

Add In The Vegetables

Step 5

The chicken should be cooking on both sides, starting to brown. It’s now time to add in the julienned onion and bell peppers along with the garlic.

Boil The Lo Mein Noodles

Step 6

If the eggs are done, use the same pot to cook the Lo Mein noodles. Follow the cooking instructions on the box. Cook the noodles al dente.

Make The Soup Base

Step 7

In the wok containing the chicken and vegetables, add the chicken broth, Creole seasoning, salt, pepper, water, and chicken bouillon....

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Plate And Enjoy!

Step 8

Plate the Chicken Yok, adding the boiled egg and chopped green onion to garnish. The ketchup, soy sauce, and hot sauce are  topping used to garnish...

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