The Well-known Chicken Pot Pie Recipe


Do you know why it is called the chicken pot pie recipe and how it is prepared? Let’s learn why it is called so and how to prepare it at home. Chicken pot pie is a common dish named so because the chicken used in the dish was boiled in a pot.

Why Is It Called The Chicken Pot Pie Recipe?

The chicken pot pie recipe has been around for hundreds of years and was served to travelers on their way across America during colonial times......

– Chicken breast  (or chicken thigh) – Chicken broth – Onion – Garlic – Celery stalk – Carrots – Black pepper or white pepper  – All-purpose flour  – Chicken spice mix or poultry seasoning mix to taste


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Step by Step

Clean and cut

Step 1

Clean chicken pieces by removing excess fat at the bottom of the chicken before cutting them into smaller portions.

Put chicken in a pot together with peeled and sliced carrots. Add chicken broth, Simmer until chicken is cooked through or tender for 30 minutes or more......

Cook the chicken

Step 2

Make the Sauce

Step 3

Put chicken broth in a pot and add celery stalks and onion (chopped). Add chicken meat, garlic, and black pepper to taste......

Cook the pot pie

Step 4

Bring back to boil, then add all-purpose flour mixed with water slowly while constantly stirring until thick enough to form into balls that stick together when dropped onto the surface of the potting mixture without falling apart on its own.

Bake and Serve

Step 5

Your chicken pot pie is ready. Serve it hot!

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