Tip Of The Day To Make Delicious Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken Recipe


Uncle Lou’s fried chicken is so good, that it’s even won awards, such as “Best New Food Item” and “Best Overall Food”.

What Is Uncle Lou’s?

If you’re unfamiliar with Uncle Lou’s, it’s a fried chicken restaurant and take out that’s been around for over 20 years now....

– vegetable oil  – chicken  – Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken seasoning – Uncle Lou’s Sweet Spicy Love sauce


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Step by Step


Step 1

Gather all of the ingredients you need. Prepare your deep fat fryer by heating around 3 inches of oil in a pot, or pan....


Using a zipper bag, pour the seasoning mix inside. Now add around two pieces of chicken at a time. Seal the bag and shake the bag.....

Season the chicken

Step 2

Place the chicken into the oil (once hot enough) and fry for around 12-15 minutes. This time may vary, depending on the size of your chicken pieces.....


Step 3

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Step 4

Place on the prepared baking sheet. This will help to soak up any additional oil. Serve with Sweet Spicy Love dipping sauce. Enjoy!

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