Traditional Italian-American Chicken Modiga Recipe Under 30 Minutes !


This delicious chicken Modiga recipe is one yummy dish you need to try; its wonderful Italian sauce makes it stand out from many other recipes.

– Chicken Breasts  – extra virgin olive oil – Salt and pepper – panko bread crumbs – garlic – butter – mushrooms – frozen peas And more..........


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Step by Step

Rehydrate the mushrooms

Step 1

Add two cups of water to the dried porcini mushrooms and boil them for a few minutes to produce a mushroom broth.

Prepare the garlic-infused olive oil blend by adding the minced garlic to half a cup of olive oil. This will giving you a rich, full flavor.


Step 2

Thicken your chicken

Step 3

Place the chicken breasts into a Ziplock and pound the chicken breasts to make them thinner. Add oil and salt  and coat  with bread crumbs.

Heat your pan

Step 4

Heat your pan on medium heat and add two tablespoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of butter.


Step 5

Place the pounded chicken on the pan and fry it until it browns on both sides. Remove from the pan and keep the chicken in the oven, to keep it warm.


Step 6

In a different pan, mix  olive oil and butter. Sauté the mushrooms until they turn brown. Next, add the peas and stir fry until soft.


Step 7

Add  mushroom or chicken broth to the pan. Then, add flour to the broth and heat on low heat. Whisk the mixture until it becomes smooth,

Keep mixing

Step 8

Add the cream and marsala wine to the roux, and keep stirring. Cut the mushrooms and add them to the roux. At this point, stir in the shredded cheese.


Step 9

Top the chicken with the Modiga sauce. Enjoy!

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