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The Tuscan grilled chicken recipe is a flavorful marinated chicken that can be just as versatile as any other grilled meat. This recipe will never disappoint you!

– A whole chicken cut into halves or quarters – Tuscan grill spice mix (or oregano) – Tuscan olive oil – Cloves garlic,  – Tuscan wine


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Step by Step

Mix The Spices

Step 1

Mix Tuscan grill spices – olive oil and wine together in a bowl until the mixture is smooth.


Step 2

Add minced garlic to the broth. Pour broth over Tuscan style chicken pieces making sure all of them are covered with the marinade evenly on both sides.

Leave for at least an hour up to overnight before cooking it on a Tuscan grill pan.

Cook The Chicken

Step 3

Serve And Enjoy!!

Step 4

Once grilled, enjoy it with your favorite sides and a chilled drink.

Where Did This  Recipe Originate From?

The people of Tuscany prepared their chickens this way because they believed this would help them avoid food poisoning....

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