What Does Jidori Chicken Taste Like?


If you’re looking to treat yourself to some of the best-tasting chicken in the world, jidori chicken is what you should choose....

What Is Jidori Chicken?

Jidori is a Japanese word, which translates to “local chicken”. At least one of the parents of this particular type of chicken should be Japanese....

Ingredients in Jidori Chicken

It’s worth noting that these chickens will always be fed with natural grains and will not be given any steroids or hormones...


Jidori chicken costs around $9 per lb of meat.  It’s only as expensive as it is because of the time and effort that goes into raising the chickens......

Why is Jidori Chicken so expensive?

– jidori chicken – vegetable oil – sesame oil – garlic – onion – green onions – chicken broth – soy sauce and more ........................


Pink Blob

Step by Step

Cook the vegetables

Step 1

Grab a pan and pour in the sesame oil, add the garlic, green onions, and onion, stir occasionally. The vegetables are cooked once they have softened.


Step 2

Once softened, pour in the chicken broth, along with the sugar, cornstarch, sake, and soy sauce. Bring the ingredients to a boil...

Prepare your chicken in the way of your choosing and place in a slow cooker. Add the sauce, cook on high for around 4 hours......

Slow cook

Step 3


Step 4

Be sure to turn the chicken over every so often. It’s now ready to serve – enjoy!

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