What Is The Best Cheese For Chicken?


The Cheddars chicken tenders have a history in the United States. They’re hand-breaded and one of the signature dishes at Cheddars.

– boneless and skinless chicken  – cheddar cheese  – butter  – mayonnaise (optional) – Salt to taste – black pepper powder – cayenne pepper powder and more ........................


Pink Blob

Step by Step

Prepare the marinade

Step 1

Grab a bowl, and add the soy sauce, chili sauce, and tomato sauce. Add garlic, butter, and mayo to the bowl and mix well...


Prepare the coating by adding the breadcrumbs and cayenne pepper to a bowl, and mixing well.

Prepare the coating

Step 2

Prepare the dip and coat the chicken

Step 3

Beat the egg in a bowl, and add salt. Dip the chicken pieces into the beaten egg and then dip into the bread crumbs. Coat all of the chicken...

Place the chicken into the oil and fry them for around 10 minutes; or until the chicken is golden brown...


Step 4


Mix the cheddar cheese with the remaining ground pepper and drizzle it over the hot chicken. Allow a few minutes for the cheese to melt.

Make the cheese rain!

Step 5


Step 6

Allow a few minutes for the cheese to melt. Serve it hot. Enjoy!

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