Yum! Surprisingly Healthy Roasted Chicken Bites From Bojangles


Chicken is perfect for any time of the day. And Bojangles has chicken for every occasion. But you may want to recreate their delicious food...

What Is Bojangles?

You’ll likely already know what Bojangles is, but if you’re unsure, Bojangles is a fast-food chain in the US. They’ve been around for almost 50 years..

What are Bojangles chicken bites?

Chicken bites are one of the best dishes from Bojangles. Bite-sized and packed full of flavor. It’s a tasty alternative to fried chicken...

– flour – celery salt – dry mustard – paprika – garlic powder – onion powder – cayenne pepper – thyme – boneless chicken breast and more ..............


Pink Blob

Step by Step


In a bowl, add all of the ingredients for the cajun flour. Mix together with a whisk and place in a sealed container until needed.

Prepare the homemade cajun flour

Step 1


Step 2

Grab a bowl and add lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, cajun seasoning, vinegar, garlic, and Tabasco sauce. Add the chicken bites to your bowl....

Coat the chicken

Step 3

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Take the chicken  and remove from marinade. Place chicken bites individually into the egg and then into the flour.

Arrange the coated cubes onto a baking sheet. Place in the center of your preheated oven and cook for around 10-12 minutes.


Step 4


Step 5

Your chicken is now ready to serve!

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