Zoes Kitchen Chicken Salad Recipe


Zoes kitchen chicken salad recipe is unique due to its flavor, texture, and appearance. It can be eaten alone or with bread or rice for lunch or dinner. 

mayonnaise mustard ketchup vinegar yogurt grated cheese Salt and pepper cooked chicken and some celery leaves.


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Step by Step

Mix the ingredients

Step 1

Take a large bowl and put all the ingredients into it.

Cook the  chicken breasts and shredded..

Cook The Chicken

Step 2

Mix And Season

Step 3

Mix together the chicken with all the ingredients—season with salt and pepper.

Serve And Enjoy!!

Step 4

Serve it cold and enjoy.

What Makes Chicken Salad Stand Out From The Rest

The way you combine your chicken and veggies will definitely make your chicken salad stand out.....

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