Delectable Knorr Creamy Chicken Rice Recipe


Packed with protein-rich chicken, full of flavor from freshly chopped garlic and basil leaves, and mouthwateringly creamy, this Delectable Knorr Creamy Chicken Rice Recipe is nothing to joke about......

What Is Knorr?

A German food and beverage brand, Knorr produces dehydrated soup and meal mixes, along with condiments and even bouillon cubes!

The History Of The Knorr Brand

The Knorr brand started out in 1838. Carl Heinrich Knorr opened a factory that supplied chicory to the coffee industry in Heilbronn, Germany........

– Olive Oil – Garlic Clove (Chopped) – Chicken Breasts (Skinless, Boneless, Sliced) – Shredded Cheese – Package Knorr Rice Sides (Creamy Chicken Flavor) – Water – Fresh Basil Leaves (Chopped) – Tomatoes (Chopped) and more ........................


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Step by Step

Prepare the Garlic

Step 1

Heat up the skillet Add oil Add the Chop the garlic clove

Add the boneless, skinless chicken breasts to the heated skillet When the chicken has been thoroughly cooked, add in the chopped garlic.....

Cook The Chicken

Step 2

Cook the package of Knorr Rice Sides

Step 3

In the same skillet add two cups of water and the package of Knorr Rice Sides. Raise the heat to bring the contents in the skillet to a boil. Stir the contents.


Slice the cooked chicken breasts into desired thickness. Add the chicken to the skillet with the cooked Knorr Rice Sides.

Slice The Chicken

Step 4


In the same skillet, add chopped tomatoes and basil. Stir thoroughly to combine with the other ingredients.

Add The Tomatoes And Basil

Step 5

Serve And Enjoy!!

Step 6

Serve warm and garnish with more basil if desired. Enjoy!

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