Finger-Licking Good Air Fryer Chicken Gizzard Recipe


Air fryers are one of the most popular cooking appliances right now. They are a very convenient way of cooking.

– chicken gizzards – all-purpose flour – seasoned salt – ground black pepper – garlic powder – paprika – cayenne pepper  and more......


Pink Blob

Step by Step

Clean the gizzards

Step 1

Wash the gizzards and cut them into similar sizes.Then put them into a large pot with boiling water.

Lower the heat and cook them for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. Drain the water and allow them to cool.

Cook the chicken gizzards 

Step 2

Make the coat

Step 3

Mix the flour, seasoned salt, garlic powder, pepper, paprika, and cayenne in a bowl. Mix the ingredients together until well combined.


Add the gizzards to the seasoned flour and shake until evenly coated.

Coat de gizzards

Step 4

Beat the eggs

Step 5

Beat an egg in a separate bowl and dip each gizzard piece into the egg mixture, and then place back in the seasoned flour. 


Place the gizzards into the air fryer and spray lightly with cooking spray.  Cook them for around 4 minutes.

Fry de gizzards

Step 6

Pink Blob


Step 7

Serve your gizzards hot, with sides and dips of your choosing. Enjoy!..............

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