The Best Amish Broasted Chicken Recipe


How in the world can we make food the way the Amish do? The homemade, natural method the Amish use to make their food appeals to all with its delectable flavoring.....

What Is Amish Chicken?

Amish chickens are all free-range, meaning they are not confined to an enclosed space when feeding or when allowed to roam freely......

What Is Broasted Chicken?

A healthier option when compared to fried chicken, broasted chicken is achieved by frying chicken in a pressure cooker......

The Origin Of Broasted Chicken

It all started in 1954 when L.A. M. Phelan, an American inventor and businessman, got the idea to combine the abilities of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer....

–  Fryer Chicken –  All-Purpose Flour –  Ketchup –  Lemon Juice (Fresh) –  Worchestershire Sauce –  Water –  Chili Powder –  Paprika –  Mustard


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Step by Step

Make The Sauce

Step 1

In a bowl, add the brown sugar, lemon juice, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, paprika, water, and chili powder. Whisk to thoroughly combine.

Flour The Chicken

Step 2

In a medium mixing bowl, pour in the all-purpose flour. Next, add the chicken, rolling it in the flour to thoroughly coat the chicken, then coat it in the sauce.....

Place the baking pan with the chicken in the oven. Bake for 30 minutes, or until the chicken is fully cooked.

Cook The Chicken

Step 3

Serve And Enjoy!!

Step 4

Serve warm with your favorite side dishes and enjoy!

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