What Other Appetizers To Serve With Shrimp Cocktails

What Other Appetizers To Serve With Shrimp Cocktails? – 7 Tasty Ideas!

Last Updated on May 14, 2024

What other appetizers to serve with shrimp cocktails? Today, we dive deep into some simple and more elaborate ideas for accompanying appetizers!

Use our list as a guideline and inspiration to create your own delicious variety of side dishes. And, if none of these speak to you, you can still have a look on our site for some more ideas!

What Goes Into A Shrimp Cocktail?

A shrimp cocktail is very similar to a prawn cocktail. The only difference between them is that the one uses shrimp and the one uses prawn.

This cocktail is a type of seafood dish that is made from shelled and cooked shrimp. The shrimp is served with a cocktail (or seafood) sauce or Marie Rose sauce.

Marie Rose sauce is a condiment made from a combination of tomato sauce, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. In terms of other seafood sauces, there are many to choose from with a variety of flavors.

This cocktail doesn’t contain any alcohol. It is the way it is served that gives it its unique name. The sauce is placed in some type of cocktail glass, usually a martini glass. Then, the curled shrimp are placed over the edge of the glass. Any accompanying garnishes are added to the glass as well.

While it may not be a fashionable dish, it certainly remains as delicious as the day it was created. It is easy to make, relatively quick, and can be stuffed with delicious flavors.

But, the real question is…

What other appetizers to serve with shrimp cocktails?

There are many delicious dishes you can serve alongside a shrimp cocktail. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Tortilla chips with salsa

Tortilla chips are arguably the easiest and most neutral accompaniment for shrimp cocktails. They are easy to pair with all sauces and will add a delicious crunch to the meal.

We like to serve ours alongside fresh salsa. This is another way you can add more flavor and texture to the shrimp dish.

You can make tortilla chips at home or buy some from the store. And, there are even flavored options available as well.

2. Green vegetables

Next on our list of “what other appetizers to serve with shrimp cocktails?”, we have green vegetables. This includes mainly tender-stem broccoli, green beans, and asparagus. So, you can serve these roasted or steamed alongside or inside the cocktail.

But, you can also use them as the main element in a side dish. For example, you can make delicious parma ham-wrapped asparagus spears. Or, black pepper and parmesan green beans.

3. Potato salad

Potato salad has always been a classic accompaniment for shrimp cocktails. But, you don’t have to use a plain recipe. You can season it with a variety of herbs, spices, and aromatics that will not only make it more flavorful but also pair well with the seafood sauce.

You can even play around with the texture of the salad to make the dish more interesting.


4. Fresh salads

We are obsessed with fresh salads as side dishes for shrimp cocktails. And, there is no limit to what works! Some of our personal favorites include grilled peach and balsamic salads, watermelon and feta salads, a mango and halloumi salad, and even a fresh green garden salad.

These add even more fresh flavors to your refreshing chilled shrimp cocktail dish.

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5. Fries and onion rings

A shrimp cocktail is an acquired taste. If you are serving many people or have a specific group that won’t necessarily love an abundance of shrimp (like kids), onion rings and fries will be your saving grace!

After all, have you met anyone who doesn’t like these dishes?

And, we aren’t talking about ready-to-serve oven-roasted products. You can make your own homemade beer-battered onion rings and zucchini parmesan crisp fries.

This idea is basic in concept, but complex in flavors. So, it definitely makes our list of “what other appetizers to serve with shrimp cocktails?”.

Is shrimp cocktail Raw or cooked

6. Crostini

Crostinis are another famous bite-sized accompaniment that is commonly found next to shrimp cocktails. These are easy to make and very versatile.

In its most basic form, crostini is toasted bread. But, you can garnish it with a range of toppings. For example, cream cheese and smoked salmon ribbons, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, pancetta, and microgreens – these are only a few amazing examples that go well with a shrimp cocktail.

7. Fish cake bites

Last, but not least on this list of “what other appetizers to serve with shrimp cocktails?”, any type of bite-sized fish appetizer will pair well with a shrimp cocktail. Personally, we like grab sticks, tempura prawns, or mini fish cakes. They are all easy to make and you can even find pre-made options online.

And best of all, they’ll pair well with the seafood sauce in the cocktail too!

Final Thoughts 

Now, you can confidently assemble your list of “what other appetizers to serve with shrimp cocktails?”

Go have a look at our site for some delicious appetizer recipes that can work with this cocktail! And, if you have any more ideas, make sure to let us know in the comments below!


How do you display shrimp cocktails?

It depends on the size of the "cocktail". If you are serving individual portions, you can place the sauce inside cocktail glasses and add the shrimp and garnish on and over the side. But, if you are making for a larger group, you can arrange the shrimp around a bowl of sauce on a platter. This gives a similar look but is far less work.

Is shrimp cocktail raw or cooked?

The shrimp used for shrimp cocktails is always cooked before being chilled and served. They can be either boiled or steamed. These two methods give them the best color and freshest flavor. Do not pan-fry or roast shrimp for this dish. It will add an unappealing flavor and texture to an otherwise creamy and soft dish.

Is a shrimp cocktail healthy?

It is one of the healthier dishes out there. One big shrimp alone contains only 7 calories! But, the calories in this dish come from the sauce. So, to reduce this number and make the dish healthier, use low-fat mayonnaises and "less-sugar" ketchup products. These are all tiny changes that can make a big impact on your overall health.

Do you eat shrimp cocktails hot or cold?

Shrimp cocktail is traditionally served chilled. However, you can also heat the shrimp and sauce to serve it hot. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

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